Sparking conversations of loss wood wicked candles

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Handmade in Grimshaw, Alberta by the talented Autumn Jade Studios. 

These sparking conversations of loss candles are a passion project of mine. In my experience of loss & infertility, people didn’t know what to say and often therefore didn’t say anything at all. This made me feel isolated and perpetuated the stigma that these types of struggles should not be shared. I think this is particularly common with miscarriages. I want to encourage loved ones to offer their condolences in the same way that you would if someone’s parent or grandparent passed away. And if you don’t know what to say; that’s okay because the message on the candle speaks for itself. For those that have lost babies, infants, children, parents, spouses, grandparents, etc; I encourage you to honour them by lighting a candle and talking about them or your experience carrying them. I think it’s incredibly beautiful when people speak about their loved ones and cherish the memories they hold dear to their hearts and their legacy without fear of making others feel uncomfortable. October of course is Pregnancy and Infant Awareness month but this message permeates far beyond this month as well as is not limited to the loss of pregnancies and infants. Let’s continue to break the stigma around miscarriage, loss infertility by sparking these conversations. It’s okay to not be okay. 

Wood wicked candles, hand poured, scented with paraben and phthalate free fragrance oils. 
70 hours burn time. 
229 grams.