Our Story


We live north of our little town of Manning, Alberta (Hawk Hills to be exact)! 

As a new mom, I've realized that we live so far away from civilization and had an idea to start a little baby boutique; a place for us northerners (well not just us) to get some cute and trendy baby goods for our littles or baby gifts for others.  

Rainbow baby boutique represents our story of infertility and miscarriage. We will be gifting a portion of our annual proceeds to a mama of a rainbow baby and will work towards illuminating other people's stories through social media and shining a light that aims to dissolve the stigma that makes us feel like we can't share our trying experiences that challenge and shape us so deeply. A rainbow is a gift at the end of a storm, something beautiful after something scary and dark. Now that is something to celebrate! 

Thanks for checking us out!