Crewnecks for a Cause

Crewnecks for a Cause

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Crewnecks for a Cause is an initiative that I've been dreaming up for awhile. Of course, one of the main reasons why I chose to create the Rainbow Baby Boutique brand is with the hope to start breaking down the stigma around conversations around mental health, grief, loss, and infertility. I believe that healing is the new hustling and I want to be able to help others by vulnerably sharing our experiences and challenges. This is not just for someone who has personally experienced a miscarriage or a personal loss but it's about standing in solidarity of others who might feel too scared to share their story or struggles. The most exciting thing about our Crewnecks for a Cause is that with every purchase, you receive a Sparking Conversations of Loss candle (while supplies last). Whether you want to keep this for yourself to honour a baby or someone you've lost or if you feel inclined to gift it to a friend, family member or neighbour that has experienced a loss... it's completely up to you!

But my hope is that in one way or another that we are opening up conversations about those that we've lost, perhaps a struggle through infertility or maybe a healing journey to make meaning of the losses and challenges that you've faced.

Let's spread a little bit of kindness and spark conversations of loss. #healingisthenewhustling 

Please note that the sizing for these crewnecks are unisex. Brand of the sweater: Deluxe.